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2Event Events Posters- is a free guide to the best entertainment in your city: you can purchase tickets for the conference, seminar, concert tickets or buy ticket to the festival; directly on the site or at the application. All you need is a credit card, and 5 minutes of your time.
We are collecting a list of events with dozens of sites, like: Facebook, Vkontakte, Eventbrite, Meetup.

There is a list of visitors on the page of each event. Your friends are separated of them.
The app helps the visitors to get acquainted with each other: it is easier to find partners, colleagues, clients. This is important because one of the main objectives of the visitor at the event - to meet new people and networking.

You won’t only know where are your friends going to go, you'll also be able to share events, which you are going to visit, through the social networks (VK, FB, Google+). Directly from the app with just one click.

How to use event poster of 2Event?
  1. Download the app for Android or iOS.
  2. Login via social network or e-mail.
  3. Select your city and a category you are interested in.
  4. Select the event and buy ticket online (2Event takes no money and doesn’t store any confidentially information or user data of payment cards, payment is made at the payment operator page).
  5. After you've paid, you will receive an email with a ticket (if you buy through the site), print it and show at the entrance. When you purchase through the app it will be saved at "my tickets" tab.
  6. Already have a ticket? Just check-in by clicking on "I'll be here" checkbox.
  7. Fill in two fields: "What can I do for you" and "What I'm interested in", to give an opportunity to other people more actively get acquainted with you.
  8. Get acquainted with other attendees at the event, schedule meetings and contact with fellow travelers.

How much does it cost?
2Event.com services - 100% for free. If the tickets are sold through our site - the commission will take 7% of the amount of tickets were sold. More information about the service and it’s price can be found here: PRICES

Download the 2Event application (Android or iOS) and posters of all events in your city will always be at hand.

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